SSJ Associates in Mission

Associate relationship has a rich history with the Sisters of Saint Joseph. The founders, six women and Jean Pierre Medaille, SJ, envisioned an openness to sisters' bonding with others who became spiritual companions and coworkers while continuing in their own lifestyle as married, widowed, or single persons. Today while associates' involvement varies according to the ordinary circumstances of their lives, they share a commitment to the Congregation's mission of unity.

All associates are Friends of the Congregation who pray for the common mission of the Sisters of Saint Joseph and Associates; receive the congregational Newsletter; and are invited to many events sponsored by SSJ Associates in Mission and the Congregation.

Some associates choose to participate in a Christian Growth Group by coming together regularly with Sisters of Saint Joseph to share faith, prayer, and where possible, ministry.

Some associates serve as a Full Time Lay Volunteers who work for a year or two in full-time ministry with the Sisters of Saint Joseph in a simple lifestyle that integrates service, community, and prayer.

For further information contact:

Rose Andrea Loughery SSJ
SSJ Associates in Mission
9701 Germantown Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19118-2694


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