Fall Assembly 2018

Date:              Saturday, October 6, 2018

Place:            Martino Hall, Chestnut Hill College

Time:              8:30 AM (Arrival) — 4:00 PM (Celebration of Eucharist)

Purpose:        Fall Assembly 2018 is rooted in our contemplative life stance and   our desire to live ever more boldly the Gospel, our Constitutions, and our Generous Promise. We will:

  1. Participate in Loop 2 where we will move from the divergent ideas expressed in Loop 1 to more convergence around the key matters to be discerned at General Chapter 2019
  2. Consider the process for the election of leadership which will be presented by our co-facilitators Esther Anderson, OSF and Lynn Lavin, OSF
  3. Clarify and discuss the Recommendations for the Consultation Model for Shared Governance

Click here for the Link to the Livestreaming which is now available

Registration: CLOSED

Table List for October 6, 2018

Alphabetic Listing for October 6, 2018

Floor Plan for October 6, 2018


Preparation Material: (Please click on the links below)

  1.  Preparation for Loop 2
  2. Preparation for the Recommendations on the Consultation Model for Shared Governance


Individual Preparation: Please reflect prayerfully on our Chapter Theme, these preparation materials and watch the video.

Local Community Preparation: Please schedule a time to meet prior to the Fall Assembly. Click here for a prayer that could be used for this meeting. Mindful of the preparation materials, the following questions may help your conversation:

  1. Having reviewed the issues and patterns that emerged from Loop 1 what are the directional patterns of growth or challenge that have the potential to evolve into common directions at General Chapter 2019.
  2.  What is my /our response to the Recommendations for the Consultation Model for Shared Governance? ( Any questions for clarity, please send to Kathy Anderson kanderson@ssjphila.org by 9/14/2018.)

Additional Resources: (These are on the Chapter page)

Summary of Responses to Loop 1

Lens 1-Loop 1  Open: SSJ Spirituality

Lens 2-Loop 1 Attentive: SSJ-Mission

Lens 3-Loop 1 Alert: Contemporary World Situation

Lens 4-Loop 1 Liberate: Vision For The Future – What Ifs