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Sister Dorothy Patricia Quinn

Sister Dorothy Patricia Quinn died on June 6, 2018, at Saint Joseph Villa. She was a beloved member of her family as manifested by so many of her relations gathered at her funeral Mass. Sister Dorothy was raised in a faith filled family. Her Sundays consisted in attending the children’s liturgy followed by an afternoon trip to the Shrine of the True Cross. When Sister Dorothy and her siblings returned from the visit, her mother would have Sunday dinner on the table and much good conversation would follow.

As a child Sister Dorothy attended St. Anne’s and Nativity Schools followed by Little Flower High School. Sister was proud of her American Legion Award for Character which she received in eighth grade. Likewise, she was a willing companion to the Sisters who taught her in high school, and she commented, “Second to my home, maybe that’s where my vocation began.”

In 1944, Sister Dorothy entered the Sisters of Saint Joseph and for 74 years has been faithful to her commitment to God. “The rhythm of our life of prayer… readies us for deepening relationships which are rooted in God.” These words from our Constitutions were guiding lights to Sister Dorothy and the way she lived her life. Likewise, Sister had a deep devotion to Mary and the Rosary.

Throughout her entire religious life, she was involved in the ministry of education, as an elementary school teacher, principal, and in later years, through her service as an office assistant. As Sister Dorothy was influenced by the sisters who taught her, she, in turn, became a strong force for many young boys. Three of her students became priests and one a brother. During the summers, Sister Dorothy was “ready for any good work” as she volunteered at the Villa and would teach school in distant places where there was a need. Likewise, summers also brought relaxation as Sister Dorothy loved her time at the Jersey shore for both for retreat and vacation.

Although Sister Dorothy described most of her missions as “Camelots,” she admitted that there were a few “Waterloos!” In the later experiences, Sister Dorothy shared that “God’s grace and a kind person always came to my aid.” Sister served in the Philadelphia, Washington, DC, Camden, Trenton, and Allentown dioceses. At her last mission, the fifth floor of our Villa, she was famous for her two oranges a day, precision cut into eight slices.

In this last month of her life, Sister Dorothy has been a shining example of faith. She embraced her impending death with courage, deep peace, and absolute trust, knowing she was loved intimately by her God. From her strong family roots to her deep community commitments, Sister Dorothy has been a gift to all. Thank you, Sister Dorothy, for sharing your bright spirit for these many years. May you rest in peace.

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    February 1, 2019 at 3:10 PM

    Beautifully written and gratefully received … I get to work and serve the sisters and this is exactly why I do it !! To be exposed to the mission to serve along side so many who foster and faithfully live the mission and to grow every day in spirit and live amongst these woman who are faithful to God and love and service … May she rest in Gods good peace

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