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Sister Joyce Randazzo

Sister Joyce Randazzo, a beloved Sister of Saint Joseph for sixty-three years, died on May 16, 2020.  She was raised in a loving family with her sister Dolores and her brother Thomas.  She acknowledged what a “happy and protected childhood” her parents and grandparents provided for the children during their growing years in Vineland and Newfield, New Jersey.

Joyce attended Sacred Heart Grade School and High School, and remembered, “On more than one occasion I was impressed with the kindness, loving firmness and dedication of the sisters.”  In high school Joyce began paying attention to God’s call and volunteered for various service projects.  After graduating, she entered the Sisters of Saint Joseph on September 12, 1957.  In April of the following year Joyce received the habit and religious name Sister Thomas Annice.

After her novitiate training Joyce began her ministry of educating young people.  She taught in a number of schools in the city and suburbs of Philadelphia and also schools in the Allentown, Camden, Harrisburg, and Trenton dioceses.  She was a master teacher and her classes were often observed by college students who were studying to be teachers. In addition to classroom teaching, Sister Joyce was also asked to offer classes in organizational procedures for new teachers as well as workshops in creative thinking skills.  She served in an administrative capacity as a Principal and as a Director of Religious Education. Joyce enjoyed all of her teaching experiences, but had a special fondness for her work with “young teachers who were eager and full of strength, zeal and commitment.”

Sister Joyce’s life as a Sister of Saint Joseph reflects the words of our Constitutions, “We have been called to live and work so that all people may be united with God and with one another.”  Her life was guided by her knowledge that God’s plans for her were “plans for your welfare. . . to give you a future with hope.”  (Jer.29:11) In reflecting on her life she said, “A special song in my life is I Have Loved You with an Everlasting Love; I have called you and You are mine. Joyce summed it up with the words, “Life as a Sister of Saint Joseph has been a great gift, and I am grateful for the 63 wonderful years of service and community living.”  We give thanks for Sister Joyce’s life with us, and we celebrate her eternal life with our God.

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