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Sister Patricia Ruth

Sister Patricia Ruth, whose Religious name was Sister Michael Louise, was a proud native of Wilmington, Delaware. Her parents both hailed from the smallest state and reared two sons along with her. Sister Pat died at Saint Joseph Villa on September 10, 2019. Her funeral followed on September 17.  Her death occurred only a few weeks after the death of her beloved brother, George.

The young Patricia was educated at Christ Our King grade school and Padua Academy, both in Wilmington. Pat was a dedicated athlete in high school sports. She entered the Sisters of Saint Joseph in 1962.

Her education prepared her for her many years of ministry in Pennsylvania and in Delaware. She enjoyed a wide variety of roles as a Sister of Saint Joseph. One of the most rewarding and fulfilling ministries was her time at St. Gabriel Hall as a campus minister. She had the privilege of seeing many boys baptized. She loved working with her “boys” and they loved having her support. Frequently, Pat brought some young men to the Congregational Motherhouse to meet the Sisters and enjoy a meal. The boys were helpful, too, if needed, when they visited. Often, they were visitors to the Villa to interact with sisters there.

Sister Pat had been a resident at Saint Joseph Villa since April 2017. Always a voracious reader, she loved her solitude and her books, but always lent a listening ear and happy presence to all who crossed her path. A laugh, large and hearty, greeted all. She was known as one who was always ready for and with a good laugh. She brought a sense of belonging and support to those who shared her plight, always looking on the bright side.

A woman of prayer, S. Pat’s spirit to always “go the extra mile” will be remembered whenever and wherever her name is mentioned.



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    Harry Simpson
    February 3, 2020 at 1:45 PM

    Well done, good and faithful servant. Well done. Godspeed Sister Patricia.

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