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Sister Rose Edward Carlin

Sister Rose Edward Carlin died at Saint Joseph Villa on April 22, 2019, and was buried on April 29, 2019. Rose entered the Sisters of Saint Joseph from St. Anthony Parish in Washington, D.C. Rose first felt the call to become a religious when she traveled with her family to visit her older sister, Mary. The desire was nurtured by her first grade teacher who explained to her that “sisters are people who live in God’s house. They are special friends of God and help others to be friends with God.” At that early age, Rose desired to move into God’s house and take up residency. In September 1950, Rose fulfilled her dream as she entered the Congregation. This sister’s long and fruitful career had her serve in a plethora of dioceses from Philadelphia to Washington, and even a while in Baltimore. To each of these areas, Rose brought her positive and upbeat personality.

In 2003, Rose made the Villa her permanent home.  In this “God’s house,” Rose performed many duties for the residents. Her fidelity to assisting some of the sisters with their weekly laundry earned her the title “Rose of the Clothes.” Likewise, she was a familiar face at the Villa funerals distributing Mass booklets with a smile and a “thank you for coming” greeting. Rose once shared that as a young novice she learned to pray, “Dear Lord, I do this work for love of you!” That mantra sustained her throughout her long and happy years as a Sister of Saint Joseph. When Rose’s sister, S. Ann Bernard, came to the Villa, Rose greeted her with a warm and welcoming heart, and as S. Ann was dying, Rose ministered to her every need, making sure Ann could be as comfortable as possible.

Now Rose and her other siblings join the Carlin family in heaven as we remember her joyful and affirming presence. Rose, may your sisters on earth follow your example of welcoming, serving, and praying for others.

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    May 11, 2019 at 8:48 AM

    I will have nothing but fond memories, of Sister Rose. She will always be an angel to everyone whose lives she has touched. My thoughts and prayers are with all the Sisters, staff and her family as well.

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