Saint Joseph Guild

We invite you to share in the spiritual benefits of membership in the Saint Joseph Guild and to become our partner in mission as you share with others our lovely assortment of enrollment and all occasion greeting cards.

Founded in 1968, Saint Joseph Guild exists for a two-fold purpose:

  • Extending the Ministry of Prayer of the retired and infirm Sisters of Saint Joseph to all persons in need and
  • Providing financial assistance to Saint Joseph Villa for the care of these Sisters.

Benefits of Membership includes remembrance in a monthly Novena of Masses. Remembrance of the deceased in a special Novena for the Holy Souls and remembrance in daily prayers of Villa Sisters.

*Starting in January 2018, after mailing or calling in your order, you will receive your order by mail in 5 to 8 business days.  Orders will no longer be able to be picked up at the Villa.

The new suggested offering is $2.50 per card. For perpetual enrollment cards the suggested offering is $7.50 per enrollment card.  There will be no charge for shipping and handling.*

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Saint Joseph Guild now accepts major credit cards!

Holiday Order Form 2018

*To ensure a timely delivery of cards, place order for Thanksgiving by November 13 and for Christmas by December 12.*

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