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Plan Your Legacy With Your Will or Trust

Bequests comprise property that is bequeathed in a will. Bequests are 100% tax deductible for federal and state estate taxes and may place your estate in a lower estate tax bracket.

Please consult your attorney if you feel that a bequest clause to the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Philadelphia in your will is an option you would like to pursue.

The three most common ways to make a bequest to the Sisters of Saint Joseph are:

  • To donate a percentage of your estate (___% of my estate.)
  • To bequeath a specific dollar amount ($___specific dollar amount).
  • Residue of Your Estate is another option. Residue refers to whatever is left after other bequests have been granted

Sample language: “I give, devise, and bequeath to the Convent of the Sisters of Saint Joseph Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia…”

Why Include a Bequest in Your Will or Trust?

The reasons that donors make charitable bequests are, generally, as varied as the donors themselves, but perhaps one common denominator is a sincere desire to give back to the community or to a particular charitable organization.

Learn more about what DOCUMENTS YOU WILL NEED

A Helpful Guide — Eight Ways to Make a Bequest


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