We teach, administer, and provide support services in every phase of education, from pre-school to graduate level.
We serve abused and homeless women and children, refugees and immigrants, prisoners and persons with disabilities, and victims of injustice and discrimination.
We provide spiritual and pastoral services within parishes, ministering to the young and old, to the sick and to shut-ins, to those suffering the pain of loss, separation, or alienation, and to those who need support in coping with personal crises and addictions.
We conduct retreats and offer programs in adult spirituality within the parish setting.
We lead support groups for the bereaved, for single parents, for children of alcoholic parents and for families of patients with AIDS or Alzheimer's disease.
We work with the elderly, the homeless and persons with AIDS, providing them comfort, courage and empathetic care.
We are involved in lobbying efforts to effect societal change, so that our world may become a better place.
We offer day care and after-school care to support the needs of late-twentieth-century families. We also provide health care at Saint Joseph Villa and other facilities.
We truly are, as we have always been, ready for any good work.


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