Join us in Advocating for Humane Immigration Reform

Compelled by the Gospel and by our heritage to be responsive to the dear neighbor without distinction, we call on President Obama and Congress to enact an immigration policy that is both just and comprehensive. We believe that this policy must include:

  • A plan for addressing applicant backlogs for permanent residence, with family unity as a priority.
  • An effective program for temporary workers.
  • A realistic path to earned legalization.
  • Restoration of due process protections and reformed detention policies for those detained in the immigration system.
  • Effective border security that recognizes the human rights of all people.
  • A process whereby students who are children of undocumented families can earn a college degree and become gainfully employed. We must remember that these children are here through no fault of their own, and their only desire is to become a citizen of the nation in which they have grown up.


New Sanctuary Movement of Philadelphia