Anchor Library, which is hosted by St. Luke’s Parish, has many environmental books for library loan. Check out the list of books here.

Also check out our free publication by Dom Roberti called “Gifts Large and Small” about Gratitude.

Laudato Si (Praised Be) On care for Our Common Home for Children

Laudato Si: On Care for Our Common Home Part II

Praying with “Laudato Si, On Care for Our Common Home” Pope Francis

The Green Cleaning Starter Kit: Make One Yourself

10 Ways You Can Make a Difference

Creation Care: How our Catholic Faith Calls us to Healing Action on Behalf of our Precious Earth

21 Things You Didn’t Know you Can Recycle


“Mary Mirror of Justice, Queen of All Creation”
Presentation with Power Point video and accompanying brochure with
Reflection questions is available for you to use for feastdays of Mary, May or October Mary themes such as the month of the Rosary in October or the month of Mary in May.

This presentation incorporates teachings from Pope Francis’ encyclical on the environment and social justice.

The presentation is available in video format. Click here to view.
For the accompanying brochure with reflection question,  Click here

For information contact
Sister Mary Elizabeth Clark or call 215-248-7289.

Small Earth flags: $3.00
Reusable Earth bags: $4.00
Various cards with nature themes
Cosmic Walk kits for teachers: $10.00
Large Earth Ball (with pump)

The Sisters of Saint Joseph Earth Center is in relationship with many groups that enhance the mission of care for creation and sustainability.
For Instance the SSJ Earth Center affiliates with the following organizations:

Opportunities for Teachers:

A special program for addressing the whole school and sustainability is available from the SSJ Earth Center. “Systemically Sustainable Schools” invites a school to look at all the ways it could lighten its carbon footprint. Pope Benedict XVI has called us to action to reduce our carbon footprint and to look at how our use of energy is affecting those who are most vulnerable.

The SSJ Earth Center offers programs suitable for faculty in-service days, retreat days, and assembly programs on the topics of Care for Creation, Environmental Justice, Water, Climate Change, Spirituality and Sustainability and more. If you would like a program to be offered in your school, contact Sister Mary Elizabeth Clark at for more information.

*The SSJ Earth Center provides PA Act 48 credit hours for teachers.

Inservice presentations on the following topics:

                Pope Francis’ Encyclical on the environment called “On Care for Our Common Home”

                Catholic Social Justice Teachings

                Advocacy and Environmental Justice

                Catholic Perspective on Global Climate Change

                Contemplative Response to Earth’s Cry

                Retreat Day for faculty or parish staff

                Food Insecurity and Global Climate Change

Opportunities for Students:

The Catholic Community is embarking on a journey of discovery, opening ourselves to the possibility of transformation, through study, prayer and action on climate change through the help of the Catholic Coalition for Climate Change. Sister Mary Elizabeth Clark SSJ, director of the Sisters of Saint Joseph Earth Center offers a range of presentations available for elementary school faculties. Sister’s presentation can be adapted for a retreat day, faculty in-service day or faculty meeting. Sister is willing to provide a program suitable for junior high assembly or parent/teacher meeting. Some topics offered are:

  • Precious Water: Fragile Systems
  • The Catholic Faith and Earth Care
  • Care for Creation and Practical Steps to Reduce My Carbon Footprint
  • A Series on How to Become a More Sustainable Catholic School
  • Wifi access in Earth Center for Chestnut Hill College students to access and use the resources in the Earth Center
  • Service opportunities
  • Intern opportunities
  • FYI Passport credit for Chestnut Hill College students

Resources available from SSJ Earth Center

D.V.D.’s as of 5/5/2017

You may borrow for a week and then return.

Title Description/Min Borrowed by/Date/Returned
1.     Advocacy: Being a Public Person What it means to be a woman religious with public vows in the public arena/30 min.  



2.     Awakening the Dreamer Changing the Dream Pachamamma Alliance program /170 min.


3.     The Awakening Universe


A Liberating New Cosmology for our Time

Based on The Universe Story by Thomas Berry and Brian Swimme/15min.

4.     Bioneers Conference

Paul Stamets /2006

How mushrooms can help save the world./30 min. Dolores Chepiga 11/21/14
5.     Bioneers Conference

Miriam MacGillis and Nicolas Perlas/2010

6.     Children and Nature Featuring Jane Goodall/27 min.  
7.     Dirt

The Movie

An invigorating look at the invaluable substance we take for granted./80 min. Don Visher/3/12/15
8.     Dive

Living Off America’s Waste

By Jeremy Seifert/45 min. Don Visher/3/12/15
9.     Earth and People: Past and Future

Miriam MacGillis

2hrs. Part 1 & 2  
10.  Eating Mercifully The Humane Society/26 min. Don Visher/3/12/15
11.  El Lobo

The Song of the wolf

National Wildlife Federation


12.  The End of Suburbia 35 min.  
13.  Evolution and Religion: God After Darwin and Teilhard John Haught/1hr.  
14.  Food, Inc.

Lifts the veil on our nations’ food industry.

91 min. Don Visher 3/12/15 x

Vita Lamperti 12/7/15 x

15.  HOME

A Stunning visual portrayal of Earth by Ann Arthus-Bertrand narrated by Glenn Close


2 hr  
16.  In Deep Water; The Oil Spill in the Gulf 2010 Youtube  
17.  Journey of the Universe

The epic story of Cosmic, Earth, and Human Transformation

Mary Evelyn Tucker and Brian Swimme/56 min.  
18.  I AM


Story of successful Hollywood director Tom Shadyac who experienced a life threatening head injury and his ensuing journey to answer the question” What’s wrong with the world?”/78 min. Betsy Ferguson 11/11/14 Returned 12/2/14

Fran Kane x

19.  Images for Reflection Several short pieces with music 3-5 min. each  
20.  Irreplaceable

Wildlife in a Warming World

4min or 11 min versions


21.  Kilowatt Ours

A Plan to Re-Energize America by Jeff Barrie


55 min.  
22.  Learning With nature Techniques for using outdoor classrooms as an integral part of preschool and elementary childrens’ daily learning./23 min  
23.  The Living Land 27 min.  
24.  Philadelphia Edens Lost & Found How ordinary citizens are restoring our great American cities./1hr PBS Special  
25.  The Power of Community

How Cuba Survived Peak Oil

53 min.



Stories from America’s Religious Environmental movement

Several individual stories from 6 min to 17 min.   each Julie Gray 12/18   /14 x


S. Anna Louise Shuck 10/29/15 x

27.  Rising Waters

Global Warming and the Fate of the Pacific Islands

57 min.  
28.  Sun Come Up

The story of the world’s first climate change refugees

39 min. Mary Letourneau x



29.  Taking Root

The Vision of Wangari Maathai

How one person can make a difference.

Noble Peace Prize winner/80 min.

30.  They Killed Sister Dorothy

Story of Sister Dorothy Stang, a 73 year old Catholic Sister of Notre Dame from OH was murdered in the Amazon.

93 min.  
31.  This Is Your Home Study Guide included for reflection Leading to Action to Stop Global Climate Change

3 parts each/18 min

Marie O’Brien 2/18/15 x
32.  Thomas Berry and the Earth Community slideshow of citations and sections of the book The Great Work and the Dream of the Earth 7 min and 9 min sections  
33.  Thomas Berry

The Great Story

The life and work of the famous eco-theologian

49 min.  
34.  The Unfolding Story


Several storytellers/29 min.(2 copies) Vera Green 5/27

Connie Gilder 6/8

35.  Wake to Wonderment Contemporary Canticles of Earth

Matins-Lauds-Vespers/ 3-4 min each

36.  WATER

Sacred and Profaned

Interviews sharing their experiences and insights about water.

27 min.

Agnes Reimann 11/18/14 x


37.  Bees Tales from the Hives 54 min.

Discover new facts about bees and how their existence is threatened.

38.  Climate Change: Our Faith Response 15 min.

Catholic Committee of Appalachia

Funded by USCCB 2007

Anna Louise Schuck 3/29/16
39.  Blue Gold World Water Wars 90 min.

About our endangered water supply

40.  The 11th Hour

Turn Mankind’s Darkest Hour Into Its Finest


Leonardo DiCaprio narrates

Anna Louise Schuck 3/29/16
41.  This Changes Everything

Naomi Kline

90 min. based on book by Naomi Klein  


Additions as of 11/14/2016    
42.  The Art of the Wild


55 min.

Based on 15 interviews with writers of prose and poetry at University of CA Davis

43.  Children and Nature by Jane Goodall 27 min.

Awakening a Sense of Wonder

“Roots and Shoots” program

44.  Cosmic Voyage 35 min.

Shows where humans fit in our ever expanding universe.

45.  God’s Creation and Global Warming 15 min.

National Council of Churches

46.  A Sense of Place 10 min.

Project of the Natural Lands Trust

47.  The Unfolding Story 29 min.

Evolution of the Universe

Includes Thomas Berry, Sister Miriam MacGillis, and John Cobb, Jr.

48.  Water, Sacred and Profane 27 min.

Documentary of various ways water has become polluted and otherwise profaned.

49.  The Future of Food 1.5 hr.


50.  How to Begin Bird Watching 50 min.

Where to go, what to see and what to use

51.  Brian Swimme Series

“The Canticle to the Cosmos”

Includes Study Guide

60 min. each

12 parts to this series


The Story of Our Times

52.    #2

The Primeval Fireball

53. #3

The Feast of Consciousness

54.    #4

The Fundamental Order of the Universe

55.    #5

Destruction and Loss

56.    #6

A Magical Planet

57.    #7

Sex, Death and Dreams

58.    #8

The Nature of the Human

59.    #9

Fire in the Mind

60.    # 10

The Timing of Creativity

61.    #11

The Human Story

62.    #12

A New Prosperity

63.  Plastic Paradise 57 min.

Documentary that makes this issue of plastic pollution “real and relevant.”

Monica Osaban 4/21 – 4/30/2017 returned 5/2/17
64.  The True Cost Shows where our clothes are made and the subhuman conditions of those who work in factories making clothes.

90 min.

Given to Ann Quirk to show in May
65.  Blue Gold 90 min.

Shows how wars of the future will be fought over fresh water.

66.  This Changes Everything 90 min.

Based on book by Naomi Klein

“An epic attempt to reimagine the vast challenge of climate change.”

67.  Learning with Nature 23 min.

Arbor Day Foundation produced this film for presenting the outdoor classroom as an intefral part of preschool and early childhood education.



We all know Pope Francis has issued an urgent call to bring care for the Earth into both our spirituality and our daily actions. But how do we get started, especially with children and families?

Here, Sister Mary Elizabeth Clark responds to Pope Francis’ call by offering thirty lessons that will engage children, catechists, and families in the good work of keeping our planet livable and sustainable for coming generations.

    Inspired by passages in Laudato Si’ (On Care for our Common Home), the lessons and practical activities are fun and thought-provoking. The reflections and prayers in each lesson help connect our practical actions to the gospel and deepen our spiritual sense of our common home.

From activities for conserving water to developing a greater awareness of all of God’s creation, this book will be a great resource for catechists and families.

Sister Mary Elizabeth Clark, SSJ, director of the SSJ Earth Center and Assistant for Sustainability to the President of Chestnut Hill College, ministered as an elementary school teacher/catechist prior to her many years in social justice/eco-justice ministry both nationally and locally.

As we think about the opportunities we have to be in the outdoors especially in public parks such as Valley Forge, The Appalachian Trail, Delaware Water Gap Independence Hall and the John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge, we need to advocate for the funds necessary to keep these public lands open and accessible to all.

See the facts here and write to your Senators and Representative in Congress to keep the funds permanently authorized in the Federal Budget.

See sample letter for you to send to your Representative and Senators now.

LWCF Pennsylvania Fact Sheet

Land and Water Conservation Fund: Overview, Funding History, and Issues (CRS Report)

Examination of Conscience for Water Usage in Honor of International Water Day

Water is life. Without water we die. The amount of water in the human body varies but its average is about 70%. Jesus told the Samaritan woman at the well that he would give her living water. Let us reflect on how we value this precious gift of water. Water on Earth is a limited natural resource.

  1. Do you know where your water comes from? Name the source of it.
  2. How much water do you use per day?( 80-100 gallons per day)
  3. Do you know how much water a typical person living in the Sudan in Africa uses per      day? (20 liters or 5 gallons per day is available in sub-Saharan Africa)
  4. Water is a limited natural resource on Earth. How do you conserve water in your daily life?
    1. Do you turn off the running water while you brush your teeth?
    2. Do you turn off running water while you take a shower?
    3. Do you turn off running water when you wash the dishes?
    4. Do you refrain from using water on the lawn ?
    5. Do you use tap water instead of bottled water?
    6. Do you think about how long you stay in the shower?
    7. Do you turn off any dripping faucets?
  5. Do you remove the hose from outside in the winter?Think about the source of your water. If it is a river, how is the water purified?
  6. Whatever flows into that river from the paved areas such as oil from cars and trucks contaminates the river.
  7. Fresh water is becoming scarce. What do you do to make sure you do not put toxins into the water?
  8. Do you use natural cleaning products?
  9. Do you use natural personal care products?
  10. Are you aware of how to make natural cleaning products with vinegar and baking soda?
  11. How often do you fill up the clothes washer? Do you wait until it is full?
  12. How about the dishwasher? Do you wait until it is full?
  13. Runoff from rainfalls goes into the source of your water. Do you keep toxic chemicals out of the flow of water into the river?
  14. Bottled water removes fresh water from places in the world where water is scarce. The plastic also contaminates the oceans. Are you thinking about how you can avoid using bottled water?(Actually, tap water is regulated so we know it is safe, bottled water is not necessarily regulated so we cannot be sure it is pure.)
  15. Have you thought about using a rain barrel to catch and save rainwater to use in your garden?
  1. Do you use cold water when you use the clothes washer?
  2. Do you wash vegetables or dishes in a pan of water rather than letting the water run from the faucet?
  3. Do you scrape dirty dishes rather than rinsing them before placing them in the dishwasher?
  4. Have you decided not to use the dishwasher for every meal rather hand wash in a pan once in a while?