Community Life

community-lifeWe live in community to be a sign of Christian unity and a creative and healing presence in our world. We want our efforts in living community always to extend beyond ourselves to God’s people. Our communal life nurtures our spirit and strengthens our relationship with God, giving us the encouragement and desire to live our mission anew each day.

In our life in community, we work to develop mutual trust, honesty, and readiness to forgive and to be forgiven. We try to recognize and to affirm the blessings of our diversity.

Our sisters are missioned to live in various types of available residences, including congregationally owned residences, parish related facilities, diocesan facilities, and rental properties. There is also a vibrant communal life at Saint Joseph Villa, our retirement/nursing facility. In each setting, we try to give witness to God’s love by the love we have for one another and by a spirit of joyful service and welcoming hospitality.

We value opportunities to spend time together, and we recognize that each one of us contributes actively to the growth of community life by our quality of presence. We make decisions collaboratively and reflect regularly on our experience of life together, so that our prayer, work, and leisure may show integrity of purpose that leads to the greater glory of God.