Steps on the Journey

steps-journeyAs an inquirer, you have many opportunities to get to know more about us. Besides meeting regularly with the Vocation Director, you are invited to come to community celebrations, to share prayer, meals, and conversation with us, and to visit us in our places of ministry. While we are getting to know you, you are getting to know us and together we are discerning your call as we journey in faith.

As a candidate, you have the opportunity to enjoy the hospitality and friendship of the sisters. As you continue to discern your call, you meet regularly with the Candidate Director. You come together regularly with other candidates for prayer, study, discussion, and fun! As a candidate, you are encouraged to deepen your Christian commitment, and to grow in your life of prayer and service. After mutual discernment you are invited to live in one of our local communities, sharing in the prayer and community life of the sisters. During your candidacy, you may continue working in a ministry already familiar to you, begin working in a new ministry, or continue your studies.

As a novice, you deepen your relationship with Jesus Christ. You continue discerning your call, seeking ever greater self-knowledge, insight and awareness of the presence of God. The novitiate experience is a two year process. One year and three months are spent in the novitiate house of the congregation and nine months are spent as a novice in the Federation Novitiate. At the end of this period of discernment, you are invited to first profession of vows.

As an initially professed sister, you deepen and celebrate your commitment to Jesus Christ through annual profession of vows. During this time, you are fully involved in the apostolic work of the Congregation and continue to gather regularly for days of prayer, study, spiritual guidance, and instruction in the essentials of religious life as a Sister of Saint Joseph.

Through your act of perpetual profession, you publicly confirm your desire to love God and others and to live in vowed membership throughout your life.



For more information contact: Vocation Director

Cathie Meighan, SSJ