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Sister Mary Jane Daily

Sister Mary Jane Daily died on December 30, 2020 at Chestnut Hill Hospital. She had been a resident at Saint Joseph Villa since July 2019. Her funeral took place on Monday, January 5, at the Villa.

Mary Jane was the  eldest child of Michael Lawrence and Alberta Rayner Daily’s 10 children. The family were members of St. Bridget Parish in Philadelphia. Mary Jane had her share of responsibilities as the oldest child, but she was not required to be caregiver to her siblings. No doubt, life in her large family helped her to adjust to life as a postulant and novice at Mount Saint Joseph Convent.  She entered the congregation right from high school in 1954, and received the name Sister Michael Lawrence upon receiving the habit.

Sister Mary Jane’s education prepared her well for many assignments in a variety of ministries. She shared that her most significant experiences were through the relationships formed with those whose paths crossed hers: friends, students, parents, coworkers, acquaintances and most especially sisters. The many paths she traveled through the years included ministries in North Philadelphia, Washington, DC, Levittown, Wildwood, Chestnut Hill, Little Ferry, Hackensack, Hillcrest Heights, Springfield, Bethlehem, Severna Park and Flourtown. Whether as teacher, principal, Regional Director for Archdiocesan schools, Area Delegate, or office assistant, Mary Jane’s heart was open to share God’s love with all. She possessed a deep spirituality along with a great sense of humor and the ability to laugh at herself. These qualities, of course, endeared her to those with whom she shared community life. She herself said:  ”My mortal and vulnerable life has been a constant testimony to the unfaltering presence of a loving God.”

For 66 years, Mary Jane gifted us whose path crossed hers.


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