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Sister Rose Albertine Weaver

Sister Rose Albertine Weaver died at Saint Joseph Villa  on  April 21, 2020, and will be remembered at a Memorial Mass at the proper time. Mary Jane Weaver was born on September 13, 1923, in McSherrystown, PA to Albert and Bernadette Weaver. Mary Jane attended grade school at St. Mary’s in McSherrystown and the on to high school at Delone Catholic. After her education near her home base, Mary Jane traveled to Chestnut Hill in Philadelphia and entered the Sisters of Saint Joseph on September 16, 1941. Motivated by her love of teaching, she chose the Congregation which taught her in her elementary and high school years.

As Sister Rose Albertine, this young woman taught at St. Mary’s Academy and Nativity Grade School in Philadelphia. Moving on to high school, Sister Rose taught at Cecilian Academy and Little Flower High School. In these classroom settings, she used her talent, as a teacher, with grace and aplomb. Moving to North Jersey to Our Lady of the Valley in Orange for two years then returning to the Little Flower assignment, Sister Rose moved on to teach in the Harrisburg diocese and then returned to Philadelphia area at Bishop Conwell High School in Levittown, PA. Sister Rose left her beloved classroom in 1995 but she remained in the school setting by assisting in the Guidance Office at York Catholic High School. After ten years at York Catholic, Sister Rose moved into Saint Joseph Villa. With great pride and humility, Rose attests to teaching as “the most exciting, challenging, fulfilling experience of my life.” Her fifty plus years in the classroom support her declaration.

When asked about a “favorite story,” Sister Rose had two: when she learned her sister was going to enter the Congregation and in 1950 when her father decided to send Rose on the Holy Year Pilgrimage. “I was thrilled.”

Nourished by personal prayer, the rosary, and spiritual reading, Rose admits her life deepened and strengthened on a daily basis. Returning to her classroom experiences , she loved when former students or their parents keep in touch via phone or mail. In her time at the Villa, Rose appreciated when little jobs were valued and acknowledged.

God bless you, S. Rose, and enjoy your time with the Master Teacher!

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