Good Works



“Good Works” is a week-long urban immersion in the historic City of Philadelphia.

During the day, volunteers will engage students of various cultures at inner-city schools established and/or serviced by the Sisters of Saint Joseph. Evenings will be spent doing a variety of other activities—learning more about justice issues (locally and globally), serving a meal at a shelter, and time for prayer/reflection.

In order for our actions of service to change us, there must be an element of reflection. How is God calling me deeper through this act of service? There are various times throughout the week for prayer and reflection on the daily experiences.

Students are housed in a community of the Sisters of Saint Joseph.


“Hearing other people’s stories, whether it was the children I was working with, the principal, the teachers, the sisters, the men at the shelter, or one of my companions—everyone has a unique story and I think we can use that to learn from each other.”

“The reflection aspect was probably my favorite. I gained insight when listening to others’ experiences and sharing my own.”

“It was great being able to pray and reflect together, as well as bond with each other during our free time. Living in a community for the week has also helped me discover the different gifts that each of us has and how we can use those gifts to strengthen each other.”

“I have come to the realization that in order to develop spiritually, I have to perform service. Before, I felt stuck, but I feel like I have finally moved forward and discovered I love service.”